Asgard Superannuation Account Investment Options

Asgard superannuation account investment options

Change your investment options (Asgard Employee Super Account only) You can choose how your super money is invested across our wide range of investment offerings.

If you are in Asgard SMA – Funds or Asgard Managed Profiles and would like to switch to Asgard MySuper, please complete the switch form and return it to us. This Asgard Employee Super Account List of Available Investment Options Booklet is issued by BT Funds Management Limited ABN 63    AFSLRSE Licence L (‘BTFM’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘the Trustee’), the trustee of, and the issuer of interests in the superannuation fund known as the Asgard Independence Plan Division Two ABN 90 (the Fund) which Asgard Employee File Size: KB.

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Investment Category Investment Manager Fee (% p.a.) Dimensional Global Bond Sustainability Trust: DFAAU: International Fixed Interest: PineBridge Global Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund: PERAU: Multi-Sector Zurich Investments Small Co Fund Class D: ZURAU: Australian Shares: Plato Global Shares Income Fund Class A.

· The fund is available through adviser networks and authorised holders of an Australian Financial Services seea.xn----7sbqrczgceebinc1mpb.xn--p1ai Elements Superannuation Account offers a range of diversified and single sector options, as well as access to term deposits and cash. · Asgard Open eWRAP Super was established in to service the retirement needs of members and provide an extensive investment menu. The fund is available through adviser networks and authorised holders of an Australian Financial Services seea.xn----7sbqrczgceebinc1mpb.xn--p1ai Open eWRAP Super provides access to over individual managed investments, as well as ASX listed securities, term deposits and cash accounts.

Investment in Asgard Open eWRAP Super/Pension Apart from any interest members may have in underlying bank accounts held at seea.xn----7sbqrczgceebinc1mpb.xn--p1ai and/or Westpac through their Cash Account, an investment in Asgard Open eWRAP Super/Pension is not a deposit or liability of Westpac or any other company within the Westpac Group.

In addition, the Asgard Employee Super Account List of Available Investment Options Booklet (List of Available Investment Options Booklet) sets out the list of available investment options and includes the investment selection form. Custodian and Administrator: Asgard Capital Management Ltd ABN 92 AFSL ASGARD Super Investment - Insured Capital Fund Status: Closed Responsible Entity: ASGARD Capital Management Limited: APIR Code: Sector/Asset Class: Multisector Growth: Morningstar Rating: Not Rated: Legal Structure: Superannuation Fund: Fund Inception: 1 Apr Fund Size: $ million (as at 30 Sep ) Entry Price: n/a.

For all assets on Asgard Open eWRAP Super/​Pension and for assets other than listed securities on Asgard Open eWRAP Investment Administration fee of % p.a.

Asgard superannuation account investment options

on balances up to $, capped Minimum Administration fee of $ p.a. For the listed security portion of Asgard Open. (Issue number 4) for ASGARD Employee Superannuation seea.xn----7sbqrczgceebinc1mpb.xn--p1ai SPDS is issued by ASGARD Capital Management Ltd (ASGARD) ABN 92 ,AFSL and should be read together with the PDS. From 30 June the PDS will consist of 2 PARTS. PART 1:The PDS dated 1 October as amended by this SPDS – providing general information.

number 5) for ASGARD Employee Superannuation Account. This SPDS is issued by ASGARD Capital Management Ltd (ASGARD) ABN 92 ,AFSL and should be read together with the PDS. From 30 June the PDS will consist of 2 PARTS. PART 1:The PDS dated 1 October as amended by this SPDS – providing general information. Retirement pension accounts. Plan your retirement with an AMP pension. Our allocated (or account-based) pensions can provide you with a regular income stream in retirement.

Find out more today. Manage your AMP retirement account. My AMP makes it simple for you to manage your AMP retirement account online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out. Administrator and Custodian of LifeFocus Private eWRAP Super/Pension Asgard Capital Management Ltd (Asgard) ABN 92 AFSL Account features Investment options • Cash • Term deposits • Managed investments – more than managed investments. BT Funds Management Limited ABN 63 AFSL RSE L is the Trustee of the Asgard Employee Super Account, which is part of the superannuation fund known as the Asgard Independence Plan Division Two, ABN 90 Asgard does not recommend, endorse or accept responsibility for this service.

No action would have been undertaken to release the funds if I had not I called. My partner has the same investment profile in his MLC Super fund (as I do in my Asgard fund) and his funds were available in 48 hours. I also question their solvency. I really want to transfer to a new account but I know that it is a bad time to transfer.

Asgard is the subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 AFSL (Westpac). The Super and Pension Accounts and the investments you select are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in 3 Your investment options 15 4 How your account works 23 5 Additional explanation of fees and other costs Asgard eWRAP Super/Pension – List of available investment options – FEBRUARY | 3 of 14 Product Code APIR Code Managed Investment Investment Manager Fee (% p.a.)1 Standard Risk Measure2 MLMIF PRMAU MIF (Class A) 3 TABF.

managed investment, this investment will be fully redeemed and the balance remaining will be placed in your cash balance to be invested according to your current investment profile. 4.

Asgard superannuation account investment options

Payment options Please complete at least one of the following options. Option 1: Transfer to another Asgard account. Balanced investment options may appeal to people who want a more balanced mix of growth and defensive assets. Many super funds label their investment options as Balanced and in SuperGuide’s research these investment options can have between 49% and 80% of growth assets. Managed Accounts – Funds Super/Pension, Asgard Elements – Super/Pension, Asgard eWRAP – Super/Pension, Asgard Infinity eWRAP Super/Pension and Asgard Employee Super Account) are collectively referred to as ‘Asgard Super/Pension’.

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Asgard Capital Management Ltd (Asgard) ABN 92 AFSL is the Administrator. ASGARD is a private investment firm based in New York that invests in founder, family, and management-owned companies with defensible value propositions and strong growth prospects.

We primarily focus on manufacturing, services and distribution businesses, with ties to defense, government or aerospace markets, located in North America. range of premium investment, superannuation and pension products and award-winning customer service.

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Here are just portfolio with a variety of investment options, including (where applicable) regular savings plans; regular withdrawal ASGARD Account information all. · Betros Bros Super Fund No 2 (%) ASGARD Independence Plan Division 2 (%) LESF Super (%) Pitcher Retirement Plan (%) AMP Superannuation Savings Trust (%) One fund manager, ANZ’s One Path, wrote to its members telling them that long-suffering account holders should leave if the super fund is unable to perform any better.

What a. Similarly to your super fund, an account-based pension is a form of investment account. Your investment earnings from an account-based pension are tax-free on a balance up to $ million, with a 15% tax on transition to retirement pensions from 1 July onwards.

By wrapping your cash and managed investments, with shares available through some products, into a single account you'll enjoy consolidated reporting and continuous online account information, making it easy to track and manage your portfolio. Superannuation clients can also access a range of insurance options. PortfolioCare offers two products.

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Only a regulated superannuation fund or an approved deposit fund or a pooled superannuation trust is applicable for an RSE, a self managed super fund (SMSF) is not eligible. Provisions for the registration of RSEs is provided under Part 2B of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act (the SIS Act). investment is shown in PDS Part 2 – List of available investment options.

• These fees are payable to the investment managers of the managed investments in your account.

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• Fees in respect of managed investments are generally reflected in the unit prices of the managed investments in. Build your portfolio using a range of 50 managed funds that are managed by a variety of leading investment managers. Asgard eWRAP For a more comprehensive investment solution, use eWRAP to access hundreds of managed funds, all ASX listed shares, two cash options and all the extras you could possibly need, including tax planning, gearing and.

Asgard superannuation account investment options

The ASGARD Employee Superannuation Account offers a comprehensive super solution designed to meet the requirements of your business and its employees. It offers: Reduced liability associated with running your own fund; The Account also allows for flexible investment options. Each employee can design their own portfolio, with a choice of. Winners have been announced! All finalists and winners have been selected and rated by The Heron Partnership.

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The Heron Partnership is an independent actuarial and superannuation consultancy, assisting medium to large employers, superannuation fund trustees, insurers, wealth management organisations and advisers with superannuation services and advice. How to open an account for ASGARD Super; pds stands for Product Disclosure Statement.

Superannuation may sound complex but it is really just the money you put away for your retirement. ASGARD Super is required to provide a product disclosure statement to ensure that each customers understands how their superannuation works. Investor Online gives you quick and easy access to your account information when you want it. Stay in touch with your investment information and account details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a secure, internet-based account information service.

e If this form relates to an Employee Superannuation Account,post it to Asgard Employee Superannuation,PO Box ,Cloisters Square,Perth WA If this form relates to any other Account,post it to Asgard,PO Box ,Cloisters Square,Perth WA • Or fax it tous on (08) (please don’t send us the original as well). Most of these expenses are recovered as a flat dollar amount from each member’s account in Asgard eWRAP Super/ Pension. The ORFR expense is recovered as a percentage based expense, based on your Asgard eWRAP Super/Pension account balance and calculated at the time the expense is applied.

The estimated expense recovery is set out in the. Clients can build savings in their Panorama Super account before receiving a potentially more tax-effective income from their Panorama Pension account in retirement.

Invest for income: Select the investment options that best suit your client and their risk profile from either a compact or full investment menu including term deposits, equities. Personal Choice eWRAP is a badged version of Asgard's eWRAP that has the same investment menu with more than wholesale managed fund options and ASX listed shares. (The shares for Super/Pension are subject to an available options list of approximately securities). − Managed investments and Fixed term deposits − Shares − Transferring to a new Infinity eWRAP account − Change of beneficial ownership – Investment accounts − Personal super contributions 7 Processing asset transfers for Asgard products on AdviserNET − Transferring assets to a new account − Transferring assets to an existing account.

· Before you close your account, you must take the minimum pro-rata pension for the financial year to the date the account is to be closed. Asgard will work out that amount and take into account.

Asgard Employee Super Account -

The fund address for ASGARD Super is: PO BoxCloisters Square, WA The ABN for the ASGARD Employee Superannuation Account product is The USI for ASGARD Employee Superannuation Account is ASGAU. For more information on what these details describe, please scroll down for a more detailed description. Fast Facts. 6. Investment Instruction (SMA – Funds, eWRAP and Elements) Contributions/Rollovers to SMA – Funds will be invested by Asgard according to your chosen portfolio.

Contributions/Rollovers to eWRAP will be credited to your Cash Account. To purchase managed investments and/or shares contact your Financial Adviser. Investing for retirement. The types of investment options offered through the Plan include: • Mutual Funds − Aportfolio of stocks, bonds and other investmentsselected and managed by. a fund manager; fund information can be located with a ticker symbol • Collective Investment Trusts * (CITs). For more complete information, or to obtain a prospectus on any Voya fund, please contact your investment professional or Voya Investments Distributor, LLC at () for a prospectus.

Asgard Superannuation Account Investment Options - Asgard Super And Pension Account -

The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. Consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing.

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The MySuper investment option for the following superannuation products have been judged as "outstanding" and have been awarded the highest rating with 5 Heron Quality Stars for / AMG Super - Corporate Super. · eWRAP Pension account • Easy access to your money. An allocated pension provides you with flexible pension payments – monthly, quarterly or annually and you can also access your benefits as a lump sum. • Take advantage of tax credits.

Investment income in the Infinity eWRAP Pension account is generally free from tax. You may. About Asgard Asgard is the investment administration platform of Asgard Wealth Solutions. Asgard is Australia’s most awarded investment administration platform – offering retirement, investment, cash, insurance and margin loan accounts.

An Asgard Account takes all your managed fund investments (and shares in some accounts) and wraps them up into a single account. Note: For AdviserLogic Users that have access to Investment Datafeeds, the below process will commence an Asgard Investment Datafeed as well. PHASE ONE - CONTACT YOUR LICENSEE Asgard's 'AdviserNET' software requires changes to be made in the Master account.

Superannuation (or "super") is a compulsory system of placing a minimum percentage of your income into a fund to support your financial needs in retirement. Your super is invested in a range of assets to help grow your balance so you can have the best possible retirement outcome.

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) are retirement savings accounts that allow you to save for retirement outside of your workplace retirement plan with some nice tax advantages.

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And while most workplace plans only let you choose from a handful of investment options, you can choose to have almost any kind of investment inside of your IRA. A mix of both retail, industry and corporate superannuation products have been assessed as worthy of the top Five Quality Star rating by independent superannuation and actuarial firm, the Heron Partnership, but retail funds have dominated those as offering best investment features.

Asgard superannuation account investment options

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